Energy Efficiency – Solar and Roofing

Energy Efficiency – Solar and Roofing in Seattle, WA

Solar panels on unused roof space are occasionally a cost-effective way to produce free electricity. Because a roof is a wide, smooth, and directly exposed area, it is ideal for solar energy generation.

Solar Panels on the Roof

Sunlight is the greenest energy source in your home. In fact, most solar energy in Washington is generated on rooftops. Legacy Team Construction makes Installing solar panels on your roof simple and easy. Moreover, we handle the design, permitting, installation, monitoring, and maintenance of your solar panels.  Furthermore, we also provide finance assistance.

A solar energy system adds value to your home and can generate income as well as protect you from rising energy prices. In summer, solar panels keep out unwanted heat, thus preventing roof deterioration. Awnings, carports, and pergolas can also use solar panels.

Which Solar Panels are best Solar Roofing in Seattle

Which Solar Panels are best?

First of all, solar panels on metal roofs outlast asphalt shingles by decades, so re-roofing is less frequent. Furthermore, solar panels last up to 20 years making them a great investment. Therefore, where a metal shingle panel still require replacement, the roof will neverthless remain intact, and no shingles will need to be replaced.

Choosing a metal shingle roof provides more than just a good foundation.  Metal shingle roofs are:


Also, solar panel replacement and maintenance are easier on a fixed roof. The solar panels on your roof will protect your investment from harsh weather, high winds, hail, and fires.


In addition to reducing energy costs, metal roofing will reduce reliance on traditional electric power by up to 20%. Moreover, metal roofs  will prevent all three types of heat transfers, making your home cooler and more energy efficient.


Metal shingles are also available in various shapes and colors. In fact, some are designed to look like wood shakes making them an attractive option.  proper installation however, is very important.

As mentioned, our team can also help you with installing roof-mounted solar power generation. Contact us today. Upon installation, we will make your new roof “solar-ready” for adding solar panels at a later time.

Please contact us if you would like more information on our metal roofing and solar panels.  Email us today and we’ll help you prepare a hassle-free quote or Call at (425) 310-1545