Window & Door Installation Contractors in Seattle, WA

Window & Door Replacement Contractors in Seattle, WA

Windows for New Construction and Replacement That Improve Energy Efficiency

We have skilled specialists on staff at Legacy Team Construction Inc. that can finish the work of installing windows & doors in a cost-effective and timely manner. Installing energy-efficient windows & doors, for example, can help you keep energy inside your home. As a result, you’ll be able to save money on your energy costs.

Window Installation and Replacement

Windows are sometimes referred to as a home’s eyes. Not only do they allow air into the house, but they also enable light and heat to travel through. Furthermore, from an aesthetic standpoint, windows play a significant role. From the outside, they give the house a fantastic new look. As a result, window installation is a crucial decision that homeowners must make when moving into a new home. If the windows are not installed properly, they will not add value to the home and will not be able to supply enough heat, light, or fresh air.

Legacy Team Construction Inc. is the window installation company of choice in Seattle, Washington. Our new construction and replacement windows programs for windows you are not satisfied with, are specifically built for the Washington State climate and include the industry’s most advanced insulating features to maximize energy efficiency. With our window installations and we do recommend Milgard, we are happy to provide professional service, top-of-the-line windows, and great craftsmanship.

Window-&-Door-Replacement Construction in Seattle
Door Installation and Replacement in Seattle

Door Installation and Replacement
Home construction is incomplete without doors and windows. You need them to control the access point in your home. You can also use doors to deter burglars while providing security for your family. Consequently, you should install a sturdy and solid door in your new Seattle home. It is also important to consider aesthetics when installing doors. From an aesthetic standpoint, doors and windows will also have a significant impact on the appearance and value of your home. Therefore, you must select the right doors for your property.

With our recommendations, you can select the perfect doors for your home. Having extensive experience with door replacements, our specialists can complete this project quickly.

Sunroom Construction
Any home would benefit from having a sunroom. In an open space, they allow house residents to enjoy the sun. It is common to build sunrooms outside the home in the backyard or garden, since they receive the most sunlight. The construction of a sunroom should only be undertaken by a licensed contractor. Legacy Team Construction Inc. has the necessary experience to build your perfect sunroom. Give us a call for a free estimate if you want to build a sunroom in your backyard:   (425) 310-1545

Sunroom Construction in Seattle