7 Reasons to Build a New Deck this Summer

It’s time to think of ways to upgrade and enhance your Seattle home now that winter is nearly over. A new and or an improved outdoor deck can add value and functionality to your home exterior during the warmer months.  Below we will discuss 7 reasons to build a new deck this summer.

This summer, you should address your decking needs. It’s great to entertain large groups on a deck during warm weather, or to just relax in your yard on a quiet day. Nevertheless, many Seattle homes have older decks that require major repairs.

You may benefit from attractive upgrades on your deck – or even a complete deck remodel – if you keep these reasons in mind.


  1. Decks add resale value to your home.

You can boost the resale value of your home by upgrading an aging deck or building a new deck.

Installing a new deck is going to cost you money, but it will add value to your home. Installing a deck is well worth the expense and offers a good investment return.

A new deck can increase the value of your home by around 10%. Since each case and deck is unique, these numbers may fluctuate.

When it’s time to sell, decks will make your home more attractive.

  1. Provides an area for entertaining

A spacious deck will add extra living space to your home if you don’t have one or have an older, smaller one.

Almost everyone would like to add more living space to their house. If the ground is sloped or uneven, even if the size of your backyard suits your needs, it may not be an ideal place to host barbecues and parties.

An attractive deck can be designed to incorporate several different zones, including a hot tub, seating areas, or a dining area. Customize your deck layout to meet your needs.

The ability to host large gatherings in warm weather is one of the perks of owning a home. Enjoying a spacious outdoor deck with lots of seating and all the amenities can really enhance your entertainment options.

  1. Makes it safer

The outdoor deck spaces of many Seattle homes haven’t been updated for decades. In such case, it is likely you will need to replace or repair the deck if it is a few decades old. Aged decks have the following safety issues:

  • Sagging or broken steps
  • Unsafe walking in the dark due to poor lighting
  • Floors that sag or are weak, leading to structural problems
  • Moisture-damaged or splintered wood
  • Lack of railing or a shaky one, increasing the risk of falls.
  • A deck upgrade using Legacy Team Construction, Inc. can address them all.
  1. Makes It Pretty

Decks can improve the outdoor living area of your home in many ways, which makes it more appealing.

Amazing decks set a home apart from the rest. Most people consider a house with a deck to be more aesthetically pleasing than one with a standard backyard.

You can bring your personal style to the exterior of your home with outdoor furniture such as pillows, baskets, and other decor.

  1. Adds functionality and storage

Homeowners often fail to utilize their decks. You can achieve the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of with an upgrade or complete remodel if your existing deck isn’t working for you.

Almost everyone would say they wish they had more storage space for household items or outdoor items, regardless of how big their homes are. Adding a deck to your home also increases the storage space available.

What are you going to do with the table and chairs you have lying around? You can use them as an alternative dining area on your deck.

The deck builder can turn the area underneath your new deck into a storage area to make even more storage space available to you. A mini shed can be made from this area.

Encourages you to spend more time outdoors

Getting outdoors is proven to be healthy in numerous studies. Do we need to say more? Enjoying the natural beauty surrounding your home while spending some much-needed time on a deck that is both inviting and safe is a great way to take a break from your daily activities. In the end, wasn’t it part of the reason you bought your house to begin with-both its inside and outside spaces?

  1. Reduced maintenance

Installing a new deck will remove a large part of your lawn and replace it with wood. Consequently, you will spend less time cutting the grass, and your lawn will require less maintenance.

By reducing grass, weeds, and plants to maintain every month, you’ll also save money that would otherwise go to a gardener.  Depending on how you want your property to look and feel, there are many choices when it comes to decking materials. Besides softwood decking, you can choose hardwood decking for a darker and more striking look; or composite decking, which looks gray and contemporary.  7 Reasons to build new Deck This summer.

These were the 7 Reasons to build a new Deck This summer. Now is the time to build the deck of your dreams!!!

Homes that look beautiful and perform well should be a part of Seattle homeowners’ lifestyles. This is why Legacy Team Construction, Inc. has remodeled countless of Seattle homes. With us, you will get top-notch home improvements like outdoor decks at an affordable rate, making the process easy and stress-free so you can enjoy your home.

Consulting a home improvement professional is a great way to learn how an outdoor deck can enhance your Seattle home. Book a consultation today. A free estimate will be provided for the deck you are dreaming of, or any other home improvement project we can assist you with. Our goal is to meet all of your construction needs with Legacy Team Construction, Inc.