Is winter a good time to build a deck?

Perhaps you should rethink waiting until spring to add a deck to your home. Since people use decks most in the spring and summer, building them during the winter months makes sense. This is especially true if you live in an area that has a short building season. Building in the winter will also allow you to avoid the rush of contractors and get the work done faster. Plus, you’re more likely to get better quality materials and craftsmanship since contractors have more time to devote to each project.

Do I have the option of building my deck in the winter?

In a nutshell, yes. Building a deck in the winter can actually be beneficial because the ground is less likely to shift due to frost heaves. Additionally, the winter months are typically less busy for contractors, so you can often get a better rate. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy your deck as soon as the weather turns pleasant.

Furthermore, winter is the ideal time to build your deck, not just because it’s possible, but because it’s much more convenient than waiting until spring. Winter is an ideal time to build your brand-new deck for several reasons.

As soon as spring arrives, your deck will be ready for use

Getting a head start in the winter also grants you the benefit of having extra time to plan, gather supplies and tools. This will enable you to make sure your deck is ready when spring arrives so you can show it off at your outdoor functions.

A wood deck is best stained in the winter

The cooler temperatures during the winter months make it easier for the stain to penetrate the wood and for the wood to dry evenly. Additionally, the lack of UV rays from the sun helps to protect the wood from fading.

Added moisture to wood can lead to flaking or peeling of the stain. In addition, too much heat can cause spots and watermarks. Winter conditions are also ideal for stain application as the cooler temperature allows the stain to penetrate the wood deeper and give it a richer, deeper color. The lack of moisture and UV rays also helps to protect the stain from fading and discoloration over time.

Wood is Less Prone to Twist and Split

Low temperatures and reduced humidity cause the wood fibers to contract, making it less prone to warp, twist, and split. The low moisture content also helps protect the wood from fungal decay, rot, and insect infestations.

Material costs can be reduced

During the winter months, retail stores offer discounts on decking materials as usage is lower.

Contractors take advantage of these discounts and can then pass on the savings to their customers. This allows them to complete the project more quickly, as the materials are already at a discounted price.

Cheaper labor costs

Winter is normally a slower time for deck and patio builders, so they can lower their labor costs. This means they can offer discounts to customers and they can also be more flexible when it comes to customization. Additionally, since there is less demand in the winter, customers can take more time to find the right company and ensure they get the highest quality and price.

No damage to your yard or landscaping

Building your deck in the winter can prevent damage to your yard and landscaping from increased foot traffic. You should expect only minor yard damage as the grass is dormant in the winter.

Build Your Deck Faster

During the winter months, the ground is usually frozen and hard. This makes it easier to move around the equipment needed to build a deck without fear of damaging the soil or grass. In addition, dormant grass is less likely to be trampled during construction, making the project complete faster.

Winter is also a great time for deck companies to focus on your project instead of hopping between projects. As a result, what would normally take three to four weeks could be finished in two weeks. Moreover, it allows more time to work on the details, ensuring a quality result that will last longer.


You can save money on building supplies and labor by building a deck in the winter. You’ll get it built faster, it will look more attractive, and you will have your deck ready when the weather starts to warm up. During the winter months, construction companies have fewer projects and are often willing to offer discounts on supplies and labor. Since the weather is cooler, the wood has less of a chance to warp, making it easier to construct the deck correctly. As a result, the finished product will look more attractive and be more durable.

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