Composite Decking Ideas and Uses

Certainly, adding or renovating an exterior deck is an exciting project for homeowners who enjoy outdoor living. Home remodeling and composite deck construction are Legacy Team Construction’s specialties in Seattle, Washington.

Modern construction now includes outdoor living spaces.  Therefore, the exterior and interior of a home are equally important. Decks previously unimaginable are now possible thanks to new composite deck building materials.

Decking made of composite materials is more durable and lasts longer. Composite decking resists damage long after construction, unlike pressure-treated lumber.   As a result, construction waste is reduced.

Using composite decking materials, you can create a wide range of outdoor spaces.  In addition, composite materials are ideal for building features such as fire pits, benches, planters, and hot tubs.

The popularity of outdoor kitchens has grown over the years. Outdoor cooking equipment and grills are available for every budget. Composite decking makes exterior kitchens possible due to its long service life, durability, and ability to withstand abuse.

With composite decking, Legacy Team Construction enhances the traditional deck footprint. Composite materials can be patterned, sized, and shaped. A fireplace, spa, and other features are now common on decks.

Budget and space are typically the only limiting factors for a composite deck. For deck remodeling ideas and construction services in Seattle, WA, call Legacy Team Construction.

Legacy Team Construction offers remodeling and high-quality construction services tailored to the individual needs of our clients.