9 ways to Improve Your Home’s Outdoor Living Space

Seattle homeowners have been enhancing their outdoor living spaces over the course of several years.

There are many ways to customize your outdoor living space to suit your personal style.   It is possible to equip an outdoor living room with a bar, hot tubs, seating areas, seating areas, or patio areas, as well as accommodate pools and lawn chairs.

Stressful environments are calmed by outdoor spaces. Step out onto your patio with your favorite food or drink and put your feet up when you come home. Decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens are great for entertaining or adding value to your property.

When remodeling your outdoor living space, there are a few key categories that can help you decide what to do. Check out these 9 outdoor living space improvements in Seattle, WA.

Add a Pool

A swimming pool is the perfect outdoor living space addition. Swimming provides cardiovascular and resistance training benefits, making it a great way to exercise. You should definitely consider having your own pool if fitness is very important to you.

Install Outdoor Structures

Gazebos enhance outdoor spaces. Patio gazebos provide a protected spot for dining, cooking, and relaxing.

A pergola, a trellis, and an arbor are other outdoor structures you may want to build.

 Build an Outdoor Kitchen

In outdoor living spaces, full-functioning outdoor kitchens are the hottest trend. From a practical perspective, it’s a great way to entertain outside without making many trips in and out. A grill, range hood, sink, refrigerator, and other cooking appliances can serve a useful function all year long outdoors.

Outdoor kitchen and dining table on a paved patio

Install Retractable or outdoor TVs

Natural light and plants are often used to bring the outdoors in, but bringing the indoors outside has its own benefits. Weather-resistant flat-screen televisions are perfect for watching your favorite shows while relaxing or entertaining outside. If you want to go one step further, you can purchase retractable viewing screens.

Use a Fire Tables

Additionally, a fire table can enhance your living space significantly in the evenings and blend nicely into your furniture and decor. In the winter, a source of heat will allow guests to continue enjoying the party late into the night.

Install a Fireplace or Fire Pit

Backyard entertaining is made easy with an outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace can help to extend your living area outside your home’s walls while providing warmth and atmosphere. An incredible gathering area can be created with a fireplace or fire pit.

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Incorporate water features

With its soothing sounds and wildlife attraction, a water feature can create a relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, it can enhance your outdoor living space and act as a charming focal point.

Water can be incorporated into your backyard in many ways, including fountains or streams.

With Seattle’s cold weather, incorporating metal and glass into your water features will keep them aesthetically pleasing all year.

Add Lights

With outdoor lighting, you can create a peaceful atmosphere. The addition of candle lanterns to your deck will create a romantic atmosphere. Furthermore, adding solar lights to your garden can maximize its impact.

Add Folding doors

Stack folding glass doors compactly on one side of a room using a smooth track system. The most effective way to maximize natural light is with folding doors.

Install Ceiling Fans

In any climate, ceiling fans are a must. When the weather gets hot, keeping cool air flowing can be really important if you spend a lot of time outside. Cooling things this way is also energy efficient.

 Make the most of your outdoor living space

No matter what your lifestyle, an outdoor living space can enhance it. With a beautiful outdoor living space, you can host friends and family, dine outdoors, and float in the pool.  By adding any of the nine items listed above to your backyard, you will be able to not only increase the value of your home but also the way you enjoy your backyard.

At Legacy Team Construction, Inc. we will be happy to provide personalized recommendations for your needs and wants if you are looking for additional ideas to transform your outdoor space. We’ll design your dream backyard when you call (425) 310-1545.