How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Size

Installing an in-ground pool comes with many decisions and options to consider. One of the main things to decide on is how big the pool should be. We’d be happy to talk to you if you live in the Seattle area in Washington. For these types of questions, we offer free, no-strings-attached design consultations. It’s our specialty to help people figure out the appropriate size pool for their lifestyles, backyards, and budgets!

How big should a swimming pool be? Choosing the right size for your pool involves a few key considerations, including the following:


Yard size

Your yard can determine the size of your pool. It’s advisable to stay away from the edges of your property line because of issues like overflow and noise. Allow at least four or five feet between the property line and the pool.


The backyard’s other uses

How you plan to use your backyard determines how much space you dedicate to the pool. Consider whether you need a lounging area. Also consider storage requirements. If you plan in adding a diving board outside the pool, more yard space will be required.

Don’t forget to factor in green space for children or pets. If you intend to entertain, you may want to include a cemented or larger deck.

Perhaps you’re going the extra mile and building an outdoor grill area and dining area. Your pool size should take all of these factors into account.


Kids’ ages

It’s imperative to keep your pool fun and entertaining for your children as long as they live at home. It doesn’t matter how young they are now, they’re going to grow fast!

The size of your pool does not affect how much your kids will enjoy it. Getting a larger pool has many benefits, but your kids’ wants aren’t always a part of how large your pool should be. Don’t let emotions rule you.


Pool usage

How the pool will be used determines its size. A pool can be both a family centerpiece or a party centerpiece. Your average number of guests would be helpful if you’re often the host at parties and want the pool mainly for that purpose.

Of course, the pool doesn’t have to be big if you’re a family person who wants to spend all your time with your children. However, if you want to use the pool for lap swimming, it must be at least 30 feet long. In addition, it should be shaped rectangularly to accommodate lap swimming and physical activity. Furthermore, a competitive or athletic swimmer should use a pool that is deeper than their height and is spacious enough to work on their strokes.


Budget considerations

When deciding on the size of the pool, your budget is key. In addition to the construction cost, you will need to plan for future maintenance costs. Pool maintenance, covers, fencing, chemicals, cleaning, and more are all additional expenses depending on the size of your pool.

You can further understand the costs and budget impacts of  a pool size from a professional pool builder like Legacy Team Construction Inc.


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