Renovations That Increase Home Value

Homeowners in Seattle, Washington should make smart choices when upgrading their homes.

Whether you plan to sell soon, or simply want to increase the curb appeal of your house, the following 6 improvements are relatively easy to implement.  They will also increase the value of your home.

  1. Renovate your kitchen

By removing walls between the kitchen and dining area or even the breakfast area, you will gain more space.

Consider adding an Island.  Modern kitchen islands often add seating and storage.  Such  kitchen remodeling, also allow participants to watch what happens in the kitchen, as they enjoy a delicious meal. Furthermore, in addition to comfortable seating, an Island will keep you away from a chef who needs his space.

To update your kitchen, paint it in modern colors.  You should consider investing in energy-efficient kitchen appliances. As long as you reside in your home, you will save money on your energy bills.   Furthermore, when selling your property, these types of appliances will fetch top dollars from buyers.

  1. Utilize unused space in a creative way

If you’d rather redesign your existing space rather than add a room, look at all the unused areas in your home. You can create a game room, a craft room, or even an extra bedroom in your unused attic. Also, the attic can serve as a playroom for your children.

You can also use basements as additional living or family rooms. Basement game rooms are quieter than rooms at the same level as your living room.  Also, basements are ideal for mixed media applications and home theater systems due to their acoustics. Another option is to finish a basement to allow additional space for your relatives.

  1. Invest in energy-efficient windows

Consider upgrading you single-paned windows to energy-efficient ones. Your new windows will pay for themselves over time, as you will save on energy bills. In addition to the energy savings, you will also be able to claim a green energy tax credit. Energy Star rebates can also be used to purchase windows, saving you even more money for this smart investment.

  1. Build an outdoor deck

During nice weather, you can sit and eat on a deck. A complete outdoor kitchen can also be equipped with barbecue grills, refrigerators, and a bar area with seating on the deck. Adding built-in potted plants and seating can add an elegant touch. In the summer months, patio sets and umbrellas will provide shade for decks, especially during the hotter months.

  1. Add more bathrooms

A home with only one bathroom might benefit from a second one. This addition increases the value of your property as well as it’s appeal to a wider group of buyers.  Consider converting a closet into a half bath if your space is limited.

  1. Replacing inadequate insulation

Homes with inadequate insulation waste money and energy, and many homeowners don’t even realize it.   As a result, we recommend that you upgrade your attic insulation, where heat accumulates in summer and is lost through the ceiling in winter. Inadequate insulation makes your cooling system work harder in order to keep your house cool costing you more in energy bills.

Consider upgrading your basement, recessed lighting, and air duct as well.  A programmable thermostat, in addition to insulation upgrades, will greatly cut your energy usage. Furthermore it is wise to check for air leaks around your windows and doors.

Maintain your home to ensure that it is in good working order or to keep it updated for your comfort. Make sure you fix any roof leaks, rotted wood, and mold in your home as soon as possible to keep it healthy.


Kitchen renovations, adding a deck, installing energy efficient windows, adding more bathrooms, and replacing inadequate insulation are some of the renovations that will increase your home value. Call Legacy Team Construction Inc. today at (425) 310-1545 if you would like to learn more. Adding value to your home is what we do.

Get started on your home improvement projects today.