The Best Kitchen Remodeling Near Me

Looking for the best kitchen remodeling experts in Washington State? We are most often found by our customers searching for the “Best kitchen remodeling near me.” Your browser’s search bar will probably return a long list of kitchen remodeling contractors, including Legacy Team Construction Inc.

We are one of Washington’s premier remodeling companies, specializing in kitchen renovations, upgrades, remodeling, and makeovers. So, if your dingy kitchen has dents, cracks, and broken fixtures, Legacy Team Construction Inc. can fix them quickly and properly.

A variety of kitchen styles are available to suit different needs and styles when it comes to renovating your kitchen.

Therefore, no matter your style preference, whether minimalist, country farmhouse, contemporary, modern, transitional, classic, or cottage transitional, there is a style to meet your preferences.

Uniquely, you can also renovate your kitchen by upgrading your old appliances, expanding the kitchen, or renovating the countertops. Changing the layout of your kitchen is also an option. A kitchen upgrade can enhance its functionality and comfort.

Styles of kitchens most commonly found


In transitional kitchens, the cabinetry, countertops, and crown molding are geometric, clean, and practical, blending contemporary and traditional design elements.

In addition, transitional kitchen designs combine the beautiful, comfortable features of traditional kitchens with the simple, clean design features of contemporary kitchens.

Farmhouse style

There is something cozy and intimate about a farmhouse kitchen design. A natural and organic touch is provided by this design’s use of premium and natural materials.

Additionally, the farmhouse kitchen design incorporates high-class aesthetic elements.

Typical farmhouse design features include painted dishes, vintage door pulls, and other features with a personal touch.

Modern style

Compared to traditional kitchen styles, a modern kitchen focuses on less clutter and accessories. In addition, exotic materials and timeless silhouettes are used to give your kitchen a sexy appearance.

Contemporary style

Of course, you can achieve an elevated aesthetic look in your kitchen by combining old, casual, and stylish features. It embraces minimalist and modern components to increase your kitchen’s comfort and convenience.

Kitchen remodeling consists of:

If you’re looking for the highest quality and reliability in your kitchen remodeling, Legacy Team Construction Inc LLC is the right choice for you.

In addition, choosing the right materials and styles for your kitchen renovation project is our specialty. Take a look at some of Washington’s most common kitchen remodeling ideas.


The cabinets in your kitchen are a lovely and practical addition to your kitchen. Of course, it is likely that your kitchen cabinets have become outdated, damaged, and unappealing over time. We at Legacy Team Construction Inc offer custom kitchen cabinets that will make your kitchen stand out.


Adding backsplashes to your kitchen will surely add sophistication to your kitchen. Furthermore, Kitchen backsplashes are an excellent way to make your kitchen more elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Choosing the right design and color for your kitchen will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and how it complements the rest of the room.

Kitchen flooring

Make your kitchen floors more elegant and stylish by remodeling them.

A kitchen that uses the latest materials can be stylish, smooth and safe for your family. In addition,  choosing tile, wood, or brick designs for your kitchen flooring is an option. Our team can help you renovate the flooring in your kitchen or replace it altogether.

Fixtures and appliances

Adding brand-new appliances and fixtures to your renovated kitchen can enhance the functionality of the room.

Whether you prefer stainless steel or classic fixtures, we have an array of options for transforming your kitchen’s unattractive appearance.

Bar Area

With a well-designed bar area, you can create a more enjoyable entertainment experience as well as make your kitchen more appealing and enjoyable.

It is possible to extend your outdoor entertainment area for added convenience. Additionally, you can move your windows a few inches higher and rearrange the position of your windows to let more light into your kitchen.

Having your windows rearranged can improve the comfort of your kitchen and allow you to watch your kids play as you cook.

Upgrade or install brand new cabinets to complement the kitchen countertops and other elements in your kitchen.

Kitchen countertops and islands

Upgrade your countertops or create a convenient island. This can give you the kitchen of your dreams.

Depending on your personality and taste, you can choose from a wide range of designs, colors, and countertop materials. Incorporating an island into your kitchen can create extra space. Additionally, it will increase the effectiveness and usability of your kitchen.

Choosing a top remodeling company like Legacy Team Construction Inc. will ensure everything runs smoothly.

Scheduling & Consultation for Kitchen Remodeling

Among the top-ranked kitchen remodeling companies in Washington, Legacy Team Construction Inc.  is known for delivering materials and craftsmanship of the highest quality. Therefore, whatever your kitchen renovation goal is, we get it done stress-free. We can make it kid-friendly, add more space, improve traffic flow, increase efficiency, or make it universal.

Lastly, get your complimentary consultation to learn more about the possibilities of home remodeling today by contacting us for customized, superior kitchen renovation services near you. You can schedule your consultation at a time that works for you.

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