How Much Value Can a Kitchen Remodel Add to Your Home?

Homeowners often wonder if a kitchen remodel increases their home’s value, and if so, how much!

Of course, when it comes to deciding whether to invest in a new kitchen, homeowners should know the value it will add to their home.

In reality, the actual increase in resale value from a kitchen remodel depends on many factors, including:

  • The materials used.
  • The place of your residence.
  • Your kitchen’s condition prior to its remodel.

Your home value may increase only slightly or substantially based on the following factors.

As kitchen remodeling can be quite an investment both in terms of time and money. While there is no guarantee that your investment will increase property values, you may wish to consider some tips regarding what kitchen designs will in fact add value. Similarly, you should also know what might affect that ROI and what errors to stay away from.

By the same token, consult with a kitchen remodeling contractor about your budget and options. What matters most is that you end up with a kitchen you love and that adds value to your property.

The most significant options to consider when remodeling a kitchen

Nowadays, homeowners have a vast array of choices for kitchen remodeling. It is possible to create an elegant and functional kitchen renovation within an average budget, even with high-end materials and appliances. Here are some tips for getting the most value from your kitchen renovation:

      1. An easy-to-clean, durable floor is a necessity in kitchens. Instead of vinyl or linoleum, choose porcelain or ceramic tiles that are dense, durable, and long-lasting. With a simple damp mop, you can easily clean these materials, which are made of natural materials.
      2.  Likewise, laminate cabinetry tends to fall apart with age, whereas low-quality wood might show scratches and cuts. Your kitchen remodel plans will last for many years with cherry, mahogany, and similar woods.
      3. With energy-efficient appliances, you can save money on your utility bills over time. You might also want to consider dishwashers with shorter cycles, zone-controlled refrigerators that lower the temperature in specific areas, and other energy-saving options! Choosing appliances with durable, easy-to-clean surfaces is crucial for the kitchen. A wet rag often suffices to clean stainless steel surfaces, which tend to resist germs and bacteria.
      4. A kitchen requires adequate lighting for safe food handling and a pleasant appearance. Make sure you invest in quality overhead lighting, recessed lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and other details to ensure your kitchen isn’t dim and dark.
      5. Countertop materials should be durable, hygienic, and able to withstand years of use. The adhesiveness of laminate countertops tends to weaken, making it easy for them to fall apart. The surface of butcher block countertops is easily scratched and chipped. If you’re looking for elegant yet robust counters for your kitchen, consider granite or quartz.
        There are many types of countertops to choose from in your Seattle home, including granite and marble. Here are some tips on selecting the right kitchen countertop material: What are the Best Materials for Kitchen Countertops?

You should add useful features to your kitchen remodel. These features include extra outlets behind the counter, moving racks in lower cabinets, movable shelves in upper cabinets, drawer compartments, a mop closet, recycling bin, etc.


What is the value added by a kitchen remodel?

It’s imperative to factor your expenses into your home’s value. You can calculate the return on investment (ROI) by comparing the costs and the increase in home value. You can use this number to determine whether your kitchen remodel actually increases your home’s value. It’s not the only calculation to consider. In this article, we’ll go over cost, ROI, and the Joy Score so that you can decide if you should undergo a kitchen upgrade.

The bottom line

An increase in property values of 60% to 70% can be expected with a new kitchen investment. An investment in quality materials and surfaces, as well as energy-efficient, brand-name appliances, could yield a higher return for a homeowner. Cheap materials, inferior appliances, and ignoring needed repairs can lower your return.

Get professional help.

Returning to the question what is the return on investment for a kitchen remodel? You may be able to find an accurate answer from local professionals. Their consultation can give you a more precise estimate of your remodel’s cost. Contractors who are honest and reliable can offer you a free estimate outlining the costs of your kitchen remodel.

Locating Kitchen Remodelers

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