Benefits of an Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

Are you considering remodeling your kitchen to provide for an open concept? We’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should consider it.

Of course, whenever homeowners remodel their kitchens in Seattle WA, their tastes and styles differ. Nevertheless, open kitchens are still a popular trend in kitchen remodeling today.

In addition, open kitchen concepts have numerous benefits. Here are a few to help you decide which is right for your next kitchen renovation.

Feels like a larger home.

Taking down interior walls makes a room feel larger because it’s no longer enclosed.

Although an open-concept kitchen may not be right for everyone, it’s often a practical design solution for kitchens with limited space. A more open layout can often create the illusion of a larger space despite not changing the square footage.

In addition, removing walls can provide more space in a small kitchen.

A more functional and versatile home

An enclosed kitchen serves only one purpose: to be a kitchen. It becomes much more functional and versatile when you adopt an open concept. The open space is ideal for entertaining large groups.

The breakfast bar on the island is one of the most prominent features of open-concept kitchens. Just about anything can be done there, including working on the computer, eating lunch, and sorting papers.

A heightened amount of natural light

Taking down walls can let light flood into a space that was formerly restricted. This is especially noticeable in small spaces.

More counter space, appliances, or storage

Open-concept kitchens offer a variety of possibilities since they lack the confined walls of closed-in kitchens. The layout of this kitchen often allows homeowners to have more than one refrigerator, double islands, and sinks. If you entertain frequently or have a large family, these extras can ease the load and make your kitchen flow more easily.

A larger dining area

A separate dining room and kitchen limit the amount of dining space that can be accommodated in the dining area. Nevertheless, an island can serve a dual purpose in an open kitchen – both as a place to prepare meals and as additional seating.

Additional Lighting Opportunities

The walls of kitchens with closed walls are often lined with cabinets or appliances, so there is not much natural lighting. Additionally, an open kitchen concept allows for more space to add other lighting, such as recessed lights, when necessary. There is always the option of under-cabinet lighting.

Various storage options

A kitchen with an open concept often flows better than one with a closed wall. However, it also means that anyone passing through the adjacent dining or living room can see the kitchen. In order to keep your kitchen looking pristine, orderly, and appealing, you need uncluttered countertops.

With custom cabinet storage solutions, you can keep things in order. Consider:

  1. Pull-out drawers on custom cabinets for easy organization and maximum space
  2. An inside lazy Susan with a pull-out shelf to house small kitchen appliances

The ability to connect with adjacent spaces

Have you ever talked to someone in the living room while preparing a meal in the kitchen? Maybe your child needs homework assistance while you’re fixing dinner. A kitchen with an open concept is perfect for both situations. It is easy to move around nearby spaces, making it ideal for entertaining as well.

Enhanced social setting

The holiday season is a perfect time to cook with friends and family. Keeping a social atmosphere while preparing a meal is easier with an open-concept kitchen. The whole family can work together to prepare dinner while watching a movie or chatting after work. Having an open design reduces the feeling of crampedness in the kitchen.

A higher market resale price

The popularity of open-concept kitchens today makes it logical that having one will boost your property’s market value. Some buyers consider it a must-have feature, and many look for it. In fact, many prospective buyers consider kitchens as one of the most significant factors in their home search. Most kitchen renovations deliver a return on investment of 70 percent or more.

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