What are the Best Materials for Kitchen Countertops?

Kitchen Countertop Materials: Which is best for you?

When remodeling your kitchen, upgrading your countertops may be the most worthwhile change. You can choose from a variety of beautiful countertop materials. But which kitchen countertop material is best for you?

Both raw and engineered stone are the most widely used materials. In addition to being visually appealing, natural stone is durable. Unlike natural stone, engineered stone requires less upkeep. You can use these four countertop materials in your Seattle home.

If you are not sure which kitchen countertop material is best for you, here is a guide:


Marble is aesthetically pleasing and elegant. To prevent staining, marble needs to be sealed regularly. Although this stone is soft and easy to scratch, it is worth the expense of sealing and regular maintenance for some homeowners.

Colors of marble vary, but light white is most prevalent. Protect marble surfaces from abrasions and stains if you choose them for your kitchen. Protect your counters with hot pads. You should wipe up spills immediately, and seal your counters every few months or as directed by the manufacturer.


Stones made from crushed rock and resin are known as quartz. It can look like marble and granite since quartz is man-made.

In addition to being indistinguishable from many natural stone types, quartz requires less upkeep. You don’t have to seal or oil quartz, and it’s scratch-proof.


You can choose from a wide variety of granite colors, from white to charcoal. For kitchen countertops, granite is a reliable choice since it is durable and sturdy. Furthermore, granite countertops add elegance and beauty to any kitchen.

Frequently sealing granite will prevent spilled liquids from absorbing into it. Without regular sealing, countertops can become stained with oils and dark liquids like alcohol


The appearance of soapstone is similar to marble, with gray and creamy streaks. No sealing is required with soapstone.

It is very helpful to keep soapstone counters in pristine shape by regularly oiling them. As a result, the counters will look their finest in the long run. With the passage of time, soapstone’s color darkens and becomes a deep gray as it ages.

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